Championing Renewable, Sustainable and Alternative Energy Solutions


The Johnson Melloh Family of Companies (Johnson Melloh, Inc., Johnson Melloh Solutions, Bulldog Energy, LLC., Energy Solutions by JMS and JEM Energy), an Indiana firm, has been helping customers nationwide achieve energy efficiency and make a financial impact through energy savings since 1976 through their wide variety of all inclusive services. A versatile group of companies with solutions from mechanical services such as refrigeration, process piping, HVAC and plumbing to renewable, sustainable and alternative energy solutions such as natural gas, solar and wind-powered energy systems.

As a integrated design, engineer, build and service solutions firm, they have the ability to assist clients with a wide variety of consultative facilities maintenance services including, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, construction of solar projects, energy savings engineering and even project financing.

A substantial portion of their work is derived from energy savings projects. Johnson Melloh enjoys serving the public sector along with private sector energy saving initiatives. Their thorough knowledge of available rebates and tax incentives sets them apart within their industry and provides exceptional value on both large and small projects.

Recently Johnson Melloh Solutions had the opportunity to assist the Jennings County Public Library with their vision to become the largest net-zero energy use public library in Indiana. Energy improvements were made in lighting, HVAC, insulation and rooftop Solar and Solar Tracking Solutions to help achieve the net-zero energy goals. With all of the energy improvements, the 33,000 square foot library has the ability to produce energy greater than or equal to that it consumes! Through innovation and expertise, Johnson Melloh Solutions was able to help the library reduce their carbon footprint and move to becoming energy self-sustainable.

Nick Melloh, President, and Andy Melloh, Vice President, sons of founder Bob Melloh proudly represent the family-owned business and take great pride in being able to educate the public in regards to the importance of conserving energy and the need to develop renewable energy solutions for long-term sustainability. Nick has over 20 years experience in the energy services industry and enjoys being able to speak to many professional and civic organizations on the topic near and dear to his heart – energy efficiencies and conservation. Andy has been a part of Johnson Melloh since its inception and continues to be an integral part of the leadership team to this day. Having started out as a laborer and working his way up within the organization, he is passionate about mechanical contracting, as well as renewable energy.

Kurt Schneider, the co-founder of Johnson Melloh Solutions, serves as Vice President and has had a hand in all of the firm’s early successes. He brings over 24 years of industry experience and has a great finesse for finding creative ways to help clients finance cost-effective energy saving solutions for their businesses. Recently his professional expertise led him to assist on the Indianapolis Airport 88,000 panel solar farm installation project.

The Johnson Melloh Family of Companies loves being based in the heart of the Midwest. They hope to continue to be a part of the growing Indiana grass roots initiative for a larger renewable energy industry in the state. They believe not only could it bring significant economic growth for the state but job creation as well. Compared to other states, we are a bit behind in our push to develop alternative and renewable energy initiatives and programs statewide. With an ever growing number of Hoosier families embracing energy saving, Johnson Melloh knows we aren’t far from seeing a bigger push within our state for innovative ways to save energy and be more sustainable as a community.

We are proud to have the Johnson Melloh Family of Companies as an About Us Indiana member. We can’t wait to see how they continue to help communities nationwide through direct involvement in energy saving projects. Follow them on Twitter to keep up on their new renewable, sustainable and alternative energy solutions projects.