Top 5 Reasons Why Indiana Is Thriving


With an excellent track record for economic well-being and growth, Indiana is a great state for business! You may ask yourself, but why Indiana? What makes it such a prime location for economic success?

1.      Located the heart of the Midwest and coined the “Crossroads of America”, Indiana has several major highways that crisscross the state, along with easy rail access and hubs for major parcel carriers such as UPS and FedEx, it’s an ideal location and transportation nerve center for many companies looking for economic success.

2.      Another positive, Indiana’s pro-business government with low corporate tax rates, right-to-work laws and corporate economic incentives. We’re rated best tax climate in the Midwest and 10th in the nation! Our business-friendly atmosphere is globally competitive as well, attracting international manufacturing to our state.

3.      Indiana has long been a state filled with a hard-working skilled workforce, but with a business favorable bonus of comparatively lower overall wages due to employees tending to live outside the big cities hubs where cost of living is lower. 2014 Area Development Magazine called Indiana a powerhouse and noted its availability of skilled labor as one of the reasons it is a top state for doing business!

4.      Our diverse state does business in almost every industry imaginable, but these key industries really help it thrive and shine both within the U.S. and internationally: advanced manufacturing, energy, life sciences, information technology, logistics and automotive.

5.      Indiana offers a broad spectrum of world-class post-secondary educational opportunities, from top ranked engineering schools such as Rose-Hulman to top rated education excellence at Purdue University, Indiana University, Bulter University and the University of Notre Dame. Our colleges and universities receive such high accolades that they often attract international students, as well as working adults looking to further their education or pursue MBAs. Additionally, many top-notch Indiana companies are proud to partner with these institutions for intern programs, training/development programs and career pathways and employment recruitment programs. Indiana is a state committed to training their workforce and closing skills gaps.

We count ourselves extremely blessed to live and work in such an economic thriving state; a state that “has it all” for businesses looking to reach their full potential with sustained growth and successful futures. As the IEDC says, “There’s no better place than Indiana!”