The Good Guys in Centerville, Indiana


A focus on attention to detail is what fuels Midwest manufacturer Golden Engineering, Inc., located in quaint Centerville, Indiana. The close knit manufacturing team led by President Roger Golden, take great pride in the fact that their handmade innovative devices enhance lives throughout the world. An extremely successful family organization, they are ever humble and quietly enjoy their worldwide success in a very niche industry. They consider themselves the good guys in a world filled with complex problems around every corner.

Established in 1973 by John Golden, Golden Engineering was originally located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, but relocated to Centerville, Indiana in 1981 and their current 21,000 square foot Centerville plant in 1991. During their inaugural year, while operating from John Golden’s garage, they sold their very first device to the Knoxville Police Department, and their first exported device to The Netherlands! They now sell their specialized battery powered X-ray machines to over 70 countries.

The Golden family chose to move their niche business to Indiana in the 1980s due to the family’s deep roots within the state. John and his wife had both grown up in the Hoosier state, and the overall positive economic landscape of Indiana was more favorable than East Michigan. It was the perfect place to continue to grow their business.

Golden Engineering’s products uniquely combine a very small package X-ray generator (5 to 12 pounds) with high penetrating capability (up to inch steel).  All components within the devices are produced within the Centerville, Indiana plant, right down to the blown glass tubes. Long ago founder, John Golden did the glass blowing himself. Producing in this hands-on manner, allows Golden Engineering to keep a close eye on quality, pricing and ensure their devices are produced the same way their founder, John Golden intended from the very beginning.

Clients worldwide rely Golden Engineering’s devices due to their compact nature, ease of use and portability. The company serves diverse group of industries with their products. Some you would never guess!

  • Historical Building Study
  • Artifacts Study
  • Non-Destructive Testing
    • Electronics Industry
    • Petrochemical Industry
    • General Manufacturing Industry
  • Wildlife Protection
  • Race Horse Industry
  • Food Safety
  • Termite Control
  • Forensic Evidence
  • Fire and Criminal Investigations
  • Structure Weld Integrity

Over the course of their 40 plus years of business, Golden Engineering has continued to bring innovative mobile X-ray devices to market and exceptional value to their customers. They are proud to assist their global clients with cost-effective solutions to complex problems. “Each one of us is part of a finished device going out the door. Having a satisfied customer base brings satisfaction and a sense of purpose to the entire staff at Golden Engineering. At the end of the day we’re the good guys.” said Roger Golden.

We are proud to have Golden Engineering as an About Us Indiana member. Find them online at and keep up on their next innovative X-ray device to hit the market.

(Photo provided by Golden Engineering)