Manufacturing Matters


Indiana has always been a state brimming with an entrepreneurial mindset and history rich in manufacturing success; a state full of individuals willing to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty. From the 1850s when most manufacturing still took place on a small scale within family’s individual farms and small business, to the early 1900s when people like the Studebaker Brothers and Ball Brothers came onto the scene with their innovate cutting edge companies to modern times with Fortune 500 companies such as Cummins Inc. and Eli Lilly and Company, both based out of Indiana.

We’re a state where manufacturing matters and recently people nationwide have been taking notice. Last year, manufacturing made up more than 30 percent of Indiana’s state GDP. The largest number in the entire nation! The Hoosier state also leads the nation in manufacturing job growth, gaining 13,700 manufacturing jobs over the past 12 months.

It’s easy to see why Indiana is ranked among the most manufacturing-intensive states in the U.S., with more manufacturing jobs than any other state based on its population. How absolutely phenomenal that one in five Hoosiers currently work within a manufacturing setting, and 29 counties within the state boast thriving manufacturing plants. Indiana is definitely doing its part to help drive the economic engine within the United States.

Today’s Indiana manufacturing scene may be a bit more modern, but at its cornerstone it’s still very much centered on the same ideals that were important to Studebaker and the Ball brothers – entrepreneurialism, innovation and the pursuit of the American Dream.

About Us Indiana is proud to be able to highlight the rich manufacturing history within our state and tell the trailblazing stories of those that make up Indiana’s manufacturing landscape, both long ago and today. Stay with us as we continue to feature Made in Indiana stories from our manufacturing partners, as well as industrial service companies, construction and engineering firms and manufacturer’s reps across all industries within the state.