Diversity and Dedication Make The Difference For Indiana Welding And Gases Supplier


Everything is full steam ahead at Indianapolis-based Sutton-Garten Co. Their team is coming off a record breaking 2014 and are slated to finish 2015 with banner sales records in nearly all categories.

The 97-year-old family-owned company is an industry leading supplier of welding equipment, supplies, dry ice and gases to Indianapolis and surrounding areas. Not only a leader in equipment, gases and component sales, Sutton-Garten also leads the industry in dedication to training and education within the welding field.

welding-certificationThe Sutton team believes in investing in tomorrow’s workforce today. In an effort to further welding education and train the next generation of welders, Sutton-Garten routinely supports local schools for training, welding courses and certifications in tig, mig and stick welding. They also offer their own in-house training for anyone looking to upgrade their welding skills. With a large amount of today’s welders nearing retirement age, welding is a field rich with job placement opportunities for graduating students.

Ever the diverse company, Sutton-Garten also offers service and warranty repair on all major brands of welding equipment. They maintain a large fleet of rental equipment as well. Their knowledgeable and experienced staff is trusted by clients all over the Indianapolis area, including the food and beverage industry, who depend on Sutton-Garten’s production and delivery of industrial gases, beverage gases and dry ice.

At the helm of Sutton since 1974 is Pat Garten, a Purdue Chemical Engineer graduate and grandson of founder Ray Garten. The company’s Hoosier roots run deep and their history is dotted with interesting tidbits around the early days of the Indianapolis 500, surviving the Depression without a single layoff and being the very first distributor for General Electric. Many of Sutton-Garten’s key management team members have been with the company for numerous years and are passionate about being the best within their industry, giving back and helping educate tomorrow’s leaders.

With their corporate office located at 901 N. Senate Ave, Sutton enjoys being a vested part of the dynamic Central Indiana business community. They are a member of Downtown Indy and have received numerous awards recognizing their support of the Central Indiana American Welding Society Chapter. On the national level, they have received the American Welding Society’s Image of Welding Award in recognition of advancements within the welding industry.

We are honored to have Sutton-Garten as an About Us Indiana member. With the fourth generation recently coming on board within the company, we cannot wait to see how Sutton-Garten continues to evolve and grow over the next few years. To keep up on what’s next for the Sutton-Garten team, follow them on LinkedIn for company updates.