Custom Storage and Retrieval Solutions


Green Automated Solutions owners, Mark and Sandy Green, are Indiana-based entrepreneurs, who have proved time and again that you don’t have to be a twenty something techie to found a successful start-up and make it thrive year after year.

After starting out as a storage solutions service technician in his very first job in Chicago and then working for a number of years in sales for the automated storage and retrieval solutions industry, Mark found himself with a very unique opportunity in October of 2007. Changes were afoot in the industry, and his Indiana-based employer offered him the opportunity to spin off and create his own company. Mark saw it as a door opening wide and being a gentleman who loves to challenge norms and prides himself on being cutting edge, he jumped at the opportunity.

In 15 months, he and his wife, Sandy, were up and running with a completely self-funded endeavor slowly taking shape right in the heart of Indianapolis. With automated storage and retrieval being such a niche industry, both were thrilled at the challenge ahead and the ability to shape a distributor based firm of their own, the product/service offerings and the overall vison into exactly what they wanted it to be.

Their start-up as a Kardex distributor was almost blissful, but then shortly after launching the bottom fell out in the industry. The big dog on the block, Kardex, was purchased by a German-based firm, Remstar, and rebranded Kardex Remstar. The company quickly fired all the current dealerships and took everything under their single roof.

The Greens did not allow themselves to stand by in shock of the situation. They pulled up their boot straps and got to work becoming an OEM of automated storage and retrieval systems, as well as supporting as many of the ex-dealers around the U.S. as they could. Additionally, when it makes sense, Green Automated Solutions has been slowly purchasing dealerships and expanding their territory. Mark said, “I don’t think Remstar ever considered that a single dealer would go the route we did.”

The Greens advise it took quite a bit of determination to evolve the company from distributorship into a successful OEM, but they were up for the challenge. Both are passionate about their business, their products, their customers and their employees. They’ve always been a family-owned business and plan to always be just that. However, to Mark and Sandy, their employees are family and everyone’s input is greatly valued. Together, as a team, they take the good and the bad in a day and above all set out to build all-star automated storage and retrieval systems for their worldwide clients and give the best possible customer service at all times.

Giving the best service possible is exactly why they have chosen to be non-proprietary in an industry filled with exactly the opposite. The Green Automated Solutions team feels it gives them a cutting edge and an ability to provide better service for their customers. “We want to sell solutions to our customers, not just proprietary replacement parts,” Mark said.

The Green Automated Solutions team has been helping reclaim valuable floor space with custom storage and retrieval solutions for their clients for 8 years now. With both mechanical and electrical engineers on staff, custom software and personalization is an everyday occurrence for the staff and an offering their customers put great value on when doing comparative shopping.

As a thriving Indiana business, Green Automated Solutions is happiest when they are helping clients with ways to make their business thrive as well. “Flexibility is really the key. It’s really all about helping our customers find the solution that fits for them.” Custom systems may be Green Automated Solutions’ bread and butter, but they do offer refurbished equipment and have special programs as well.

Where do the Greens see the company in 5-10 years? Right here in Indiana with an Indy-based corporate office and sales coverage across the entire U.S. In their eyes, there is nothing better than being centrally located in the heart of the Midwest. “It just makes sense,” Mark said.

We’re proud to have Green Automated Solutions as a member of About Us Indiana, and we can’t wait to see where their entrepreneurial spirit takes them next. Follow them on LinkedIn to keep up with their new endeavors, products and service offerings.